“It’s Bigger on the Inside”

Let’s talk about something that shows up in practically every episode – the TARDIS. Majority of us at this rate should understand roughly what the TARDIS is. For clarification, the TARDIS stands for Time and Relative Dimension in Space. It is a ship, which is disguised as a police box and is larger on the inside than what it looks like on the outside. But how large is the TARDIS exactly?


To begin there is the main room, which contains all of the machinery to control the TARDIS. This room is known as the control or console room. The room allows the Doctor to travel in both space and time from one location to another.

A swimming pool has also been mentioned in various episodes. The one that includes a swimming pool that sticks out to me the most is in the first episode with Matt Smith, “The Eleventh Hour”. In this episode, the Doctor has to climb out of the pool in the TARDIS using a grappling hook since the TARDIS crashed sideways on the ground.

Throughout an assortment of episodes, including some of the classic who episodes, various scenes were filmed inside of bedrooms in the TARDIS.

In the episode “Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS”, Clara also discovers an assortment of rooms and locations, varying but not limited to storage rooms, hallways, engine rooms, and the heart of the TARDIS.

These are only the select rooms that I’ve discovered while exploring what is inside the TARDIS and those are only the rooms that the Doctor has shown us. What else could possibly be inside that we have yet to discover?


One thought on ““It’s Bigger on the Inside””

  1. From what I remember from some episodes so far, the Tardis is more of a character than it is an object in the show. Moreover, I believe the doctor or a companion has mentioned that the Tardis can “hear” or “listen” to what the passengers are saying. This shows a living quality of the Tardis, and since there is an obvious magical quality to it (the inside is way bigger than its outer appearance suggests), I feel like the Tardis is able to create and change the separate rooms its has based on what the doctor wants.


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